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Clintonville Mothersingers

Clintonville Mothersingers is a local group of women that gather together to sing 3- and 4- part harmony. They meet every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. from mid-September to mid-May, taking the summer off. The group has been meeting since 1936 and currently performs approximately 12 concerts a year!

National Mothersingers History:

When F.D.R. was elected president in the middle of the Great Depression, 1932, his pledge was to bring the country out of the mess it had found itself in. While he worked on the country economical problems, he also worked to raise the spirits of all Americans. One of the recommendations he make in his New Deal was for all school P.T.A.s across the county to form groups of ‘Mothersingers.’ Not only would women be happier when they were singing, thus making thouse around them happier, they would also demonstrate to children what 3- and 4- part harmony sounds like.

Clintonville Mothersingers History:

In 1936, a group of 18 women from Clinton Elementary School P.T.A., sharing in enjoyment of choral singing, formed the nucleus of what we now call the ‘Clintonville Mothersingers.’ The first formal rehearsal was held the following year under the direction of Mrs. Lyman Jackson. Since then, rehearsals were held at Colerain and Glenmont Elementary Schools. When Indian Springs opened in 1950, it became a co-sponsor and the name was changed to ‘Clinton-Indian Springs Mothersingers.’ The group met at Indian Springs from 1950-1985, helping with the schools annual bake sales and spring POW WOW in exchange for thier sponsorship. By 1985, Indian Springs became so crowded that the Mothersingers were asked to find another place to rehearse. It was then that the Mothersingers started meeting at Overbrook Presbyterian Church. In 2005, the group changed their name to ‘Clintonville Mothersingers.’

Over the years, the ‘Clintonville Mothersingers’ have performed in all types of locations: Festival of Trees, sorority meetings, Boy Scout awards dinners, Poinsettia Luncheon, Clintonville Woman’s Club, senior recreation centers, senior housing and nursing homes, church meetings, Ameriflora, schools and daycares. At this time they accept 6 programs at Christmas, and another 6 programs in the spring.