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Capital Campaign

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Although our church spirit never wavers, our physical structure needs improvements and repairs, both large and small. By launching a Capital Campaign, we hope to secure our spiritual home, so that we can continue to worship together in God’s presence, connect in faith and fellowship, serve our greater community, and live out God’s word, now and well into the future.

A fundraising goal of $425,000 has been set and approved by Session. Capital projects include a host of much-needed repairs and upgrades. The campaign will also fund new mission work and the Property Renovation and Repair Fund.

Review the campaign brochure.

When you pledge to the 2020 Capital Campaign, you are not only ensuring that our stately brick building continues to stand sentinel on the corner of Croswell and North High, you are making a promise to build  up our church community, our faith, and – ultimately – our ability to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Confidential online pledge form.

As we continue to give to the Capital Campaign, we give life to Overbrook, For every $106,250 committed, we will add new color to the illustration of Overbrook Church shown below. When we reach our goal of $425,000, we will bring it fully to life. Please keep checking in to see how the campaign is progressing!