Stephen Ministry

One-to-one Christian Care for Hurting People

Overbrook Church, through its Stephen ministry program, provides one-to-one Christian care for hurting people.  The Stephen ministers provide care, relying on God to provide cure.  The care is confidential, with only the care receiver, the Stephen minister, and a Stephen leader aware of the caring relationship.  In some cases, one of the pastors may suggest that a person request a Stephen minister.  The Stephen minister and the care receiver, always the same sex, typically meet for one hour each week.

The ability to listen is the primary qualification for a Stephen minister.  About once each year, Overbrook’s Stephen leaders offer training for people who would consider serving as a Stephen ministers.  Recently, Overbrook, Maple Grove Methodist and North Broadway Methodist have offered joint training sessions.

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Ministry and its founding, check out these two videos produced by PBS for its April 9, 2010, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly.
Stephen Ministry
Rev. Kenneth Haugk Extended Interview

**Stephen Ministry Training**
Training helps Stephen Ministers enhance their skills in and ability to listen to, care for, pray with, and encourage others. These are skills that Stephen Ministers and all of us can use throughout our lives, but especially in the Stephen Ministry program. If you have an interest in developing these skills and putting them to use, consider training as a Stephen Minister! Training will be offered at a time to be determined. Contact Tschera or Fred Connell (614-846-2479), or Carol Bessey (614-263-4869) for more information.

Overbrook’s Stephen leaders are Carol Bessey, Tschera Connell, and Fred Connell.  If you would like to receive Stephen care, or would consider training to serve as a Stephen minister, talk to Carol, Tschera, Fred or to one of the pastors.

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