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Indoor In-Person Worship

Session Guidelines for Indoor, In-Person Worship

(to begin June 27, 2021)

Approved by Session May 25, 2021


  1. All persons must be masked and socially distanced regardless of vaccination status. We recommend this to protect those who cannot be vaccinated until such a time as they can.
  2. One service starting at 10:00 a.m.
  3. Limited to 45 minutes.
  4. Registration will be required. (see weekly emails and website for details)
  5. All vaccinated worship leaders will unmask for respective parts including choral quartet anthem.
  6. Choral singing will be led by a maximum of 4 unmasked singers, all of whom must be vaccinated (this applies to music team and quartet).
  7. All congregational singing will be masked and seated, including quartet. Limited to 2 hymns/songs.
  8. Seating Guidelines:
  • 70 people in main level of sanctuary (balcony overflow)
  • Max groups of 4 (families with children up to 5)
  • Seating will alternate every 2 pews and alternate from inside/outside of those pews to ensure 6 foot spacing.
  • Filling of pews will be concentrated from front to back, as possible.
  • Groups will be seated by an usher.
  • Dismissal will occur “wedding style” (row by row as dismissed by an usher).
  1. Restrooms will be available but limited to one person at a time/one person and one assistant, as needed.
  2. No nursery on first Sunday. A separate space for parents with a restless child will be made available.
  3. When worship is over, groups are asked to proceed outside and not linger in narthex.
  4. Begin registration for June 27th service asap. If demand is greater than space available, consider adding a second service.
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