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Stephen Ministry

One-to-one Christian Care for Hurting People

Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen and to share God’s love with you can help you get through the confusion, stress or loneliness you may be experiencing. God does not intend for you to struggle alone.

Overbrook Church, through its Stephen Ministry program, provides one-to-one Christian care for individuals who are facing difficult life issues such as job loss, divorce, grief, serious illness, or any other of life’s transitions and challenges. The Stephen Ministers are trained lay volunteers. They provide care by listening, supporting, encouraging and praying as God provides cure. The Stephen Minister and the care receiver meet confidentially for approximately one hour each week. If you would like to receive care, please talk to one of the pastors or contact a Stephen Leader (Tschera or Fred Connell at 614-846-2479, or Carol Bessey at 614-263-4869). If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, click here.

Additionally, Overbrook offers guidance from our Stephen Ministry program to journey with those who grieve. A series of booklets on grieving are sent to the family of the deceased throughout the first year after memorial services held at our church.

To learn more about Stephen Ministry, check out these videos:

Stephen Ministry
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