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John Beltz Retreat Center

Description and Information

The John Beltz Retreat Center of just over 100 acres is located at 4834 Harlem Rd in Galena, Ohio. John Beltz donated the property to Overbrook in 1966. The property is open to the public 365 days a year. There is a barn for gathering with 11 picnic tables, 2 stoves, 1 large refrigerator and a wood burning heater. The restroom facilities are not modern, a well pump for water and room for about 30 cars in the parking lot.

The Chapel is located a short distance from the barn and is surrounded by pine and apple trees. It has a cross and 5 rows of bench seats. There are 10 campsites for camping with fire rings and lined with pine trees. The camp fire is located next to the barns along with swings, slide, climbing bars, tether ball, volleyball court, softball, horse shoes and soccer.

There are over 10,000 pine trees which have been planted by Overbrook Members and Scout Troop 474. We have numerous trails and walk areas. Two streams of water flow through the property and into the Hoover Reservoir. There are about 10 acres that are mowed by volunteers and the balance is wooded area with lots of wildflowers, mushrooms and many other plants.

The wildlife on the property includes fox, deer, turkey, woodchucks, squirrels & many others. The streams have salamanders, snails & other animals. There are always things to look at.

We have a second building which stores the maintenance equipment and fire wood. The property is maintained by members of the committee, volunteers and we appreciate that the people leave the property in better condition than when they arrived. We have had over 20 Boy Scouts complete Eagle Projects and Scout Packs and Troops do special clean up and maintenance projects.

Come see year round the spring flowers, fall colors and winter snows. The property has a parking area at the entrance so that you may park and walk the property any time. If you would like to use the buildings and arrange for a hayride please call 1-614-261-1040 to arrange for its use and  get the keys to the buildings. The use is free for all members of Overbook and a nominal fee for others. We have over 30 groups which use the property each year from campouts, church functions, family reunions, graduation parties, weddings and fun times.