Where’s Overbrook this Summer?

Where’s Overbrook this Summer?

We’ve had great fun the last few summers as church members and friends reported in on their travels and activities! So, we’re asking you all again this summer to please take a minute to send us a photo or a postcard of your adventures and we will post them each week in the Narthex on our “Where is  Overbrook this Summer?” board. It’s a fun way to keep up with each other over the travel-oriented time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (If you’re staying home this summer because you had a great adventure during the fall, winter or spring, send us a photo of what you did!)

We welcome photos and postcards from your backyard adventures to your   travels abroad. Can’t wait to see what you are up to this summer…and when you are home, we look forward to seeing you here at Overbrook!

Postcards can be mailed toOverbrook Presbyterian Church; 4131 N. High St.; Columbus, OH  43214

Photos can be: emailed to mgause@overbrookchurch.org


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