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Outdoor In-Person Worship

Session Guidelines for Outdoor, In-Person Parking Lot Worship

Approved by Session April 27, 2021


  1. Participants must wear masks.
  2. Participants must practice social distancing guidelines – 6 feet between individuals/families/pods. (Guidelines are set using Ohio Department of Health Summary of Director’s order made April 5, 2021.)
  3. Participants must be asked to check temperature/symptoms before coming. If temp is above 100 degrees and/or individuals are feeling any symptoms, we request that person and all exposed to that person refrain from attending.
  4. Participants should provide for their own seating.
  5. Participants are allowed to sing WITH masks.
  6. Registration IS required.
  7. Check in by all participants is required and all Covid protocol questions will be asked/Temperatures taken upon arrival. Those waiting for check in are asked to socially distance and will make sure 6 feet distanced markers are clearly marked.
  8. Bathrooms are available on a one-at-a-time basis (or one person and their helper, if needed). Cleaning/sanitizing protocols established by Overbrook church must be followed.
  9. The church playground will be closed during worship but will be available at own risk at other times. Masks are required here as well.
  10. All consumption of food/beverage must be done while seated and socially distanced and cannot be shared with others outside your family/pod.
  11. If food and beverage is provided, it must be in individual serving containers and masks/social distancing must be maintained while obtaining food provided. No shared food/beverages are allowed. (ie. Buffet, refillable drinks, common containers)
  12. Masks are required by leadership at all times except when they are leading their individual parts.
  13. If microphone is used by persons from different pods, it must be sanitized between uses.
  14. “Stage area” will be a minimum of 15 ft from the congregation to allow for unmasked singing by music leaders.
  15. Increase in mask/social distancing signage as well as verbal reminders during announcements.


Guidelines are set using Ohio Department of Health Summary of Director’s order made April 5, 2021.


NOTE: This policy supercedes to “Guidelines for In-Person, Small Group Meetings & Fellowship Activities adopted by Session action on September 22, 2020. This document does not supersede any OPC session action regarding closures of the OPC building and/or John Beltz Retreat Center.

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