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Indoor Small Group Gatherings

Session Guidelines for Indoor Gatherings

(Restricted only to church groups at this time)

Updated by Session June 10, 2021


As we continue to be the church during the time of Covid, we find the need to allow smaller groups of persons inside the church to accomplish ministry supporting tasks or hold small meetings/interviews.  While the entire building is not available for scheduling or visitation, there may be situations that indicate the need for access to space within the church. For those times, these guidelines apply:


  1. Events/meetings will be held and limited to the space booked. Persons coming to put away supplies or drop off/pick up supplies will also be allowed in following this protocol.
  2. All meetings MUST be scheduled ahead of time via Mary Shaffer.
  3. Group size is limited to 10.
  4. Only one group* may be scheduled at a time.
  5. Participants must wear masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times in the building.
  6. Participants must practice social distancing guidelines – minimum of 6 feet between individuals.
  7. Participants will be asked to check temperature/symptoms before coming. If temp is above 100 degrees and/or individuals are feeling any Covid symptoms, we request that person and all exposed to that person refrain from attending.
  8. Groups must stay in their assigned space. Other spaces, including the church offices, are not open to others outside of church staff at present.  Staff members may be able to meet with you in a common space, if prior arrangements are made.
  9. Bathrooms are available on a one-at-a-time basis (or one person and their helper, if needed). Cleaning/sanitizing protocols established and posted by Overbrook church must be followed.
  10. All consumption of food/beverage must be done while seated and socially distanced and cannot be shared with others outside your family/pod.
  11. If food and beverage is provided, it must be in individual serving containers and masks/social distancing must be maintained while obtaining food provided. No shared food/beverages are allowed. (ie. No buffet, refillable drinks, common containers)
  12. Any use of kitchen/kitchenette spaces and any utensils used for food prep must be cleaned/sanitized before leaving.
  13. The group leader/event organizer will serve as “host” and be responsible for making sure all participants are made aware of and follow these guidelines.



NOTE: This document does not supersede any OPC session action regarding closures of the OPC building and/or John Beltz Retreat Center.

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