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Families Anonymous

Who We Are

Families Anonymous (FA) is a group of concerned relatives and friends whose lives have been adversely affected by a loved one’s addiction to alcohol or drugs.  Every one of us has made the same statement at one time or another…  “But I’m not the one who needs help!”  It was obvious that someone else was the one with problems.  Many of us were annoyed or shocked that the other person seemed to refuse help, maybe even resented our efforts to help.

Families Anonymous is dedicated to doing something constructive about our approach to someone else’s problem.  We learn from our own experience, but we can also get a great deal of benefit from the shared misery and foolish mistakes we make while trying to do the best we possibly can do.  That realization, in itself, goes a long way in helping us to start feeling good about ourselves… and, amazingly, sets the stage for the recovery for both of us in many, many cases.  Join Us…

Allow FA to Start You on Your Road to Recovery!
(from the Families Anonymous, Inc. website)

Meetings At Overbrook

FA meets Thursdays at 7:30 pm in Room 22, the Conference Room.