Board of Session

John Sibley, Clerk

The Session is the governing body of the church. Twelve members of the congregation serve on Session, each for a three year term. Session meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month and holds special meetings as needed. The Session oversees the work of all church committees (for example, the Board of Deacons, Finance Committee, Membership Committee, Stewardship Committee), adopts the annual budget and personnel and operating policies. It also meets with new members and the confirmation classes.

Ruling Elders

Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016
Ed Cotter
Dick Dietrich
Jan Williams
Elaine Nordstrom
Scott Wedell
Sarah Sams
Jim Kneessi
Perry Palumbo
Debbie Ryan
Jeff Soderholm
Doug Rund
John Sibley

Board of Deacons

Steve Ryan, President

The work of a deacon is intended to be an extension of the ministers’ work.  Deacons promote personal contact among members by means of Neighborhood Networks, which are groups of members from the same geographical area assigned to one or two deacons who will keep in touch with them.  Deacons try to share in their joys, sorrows, and any needs that arise which can benefit from some Church intervention.  Our Board of Deacons are visible in many ways in the life of Overbrook Church.

Ways We Serve:

  • Neighborhood Network Sunday
  • Concerned Deacon
  • Communion Preparation
  • Deliver Easter and Christmas Flowers
  • Home Communion
  • Casserole Ministry
  • Support Church-wide Projects
  • Birthday & Think-of-You Cards
  • Open Shelter
  • Joytime
  • Hosting receptions

This Board of Deacons consists of 15 members serving 3 year terms, each assigned a network neighborhood.  They meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month except July and August.

Education Committee

Janine McCoy, Chair

This committee is composed of 6 members divided into 3 equal classes for a 3 year term. Session appoints new members each year. The committee is responsible for Sunday School for all ages, Scouting Programs, Confirmation Class, Bible Study Groups, Child Care, and the Library.

Fellowship Committee

Sarah Shaffer, Chair

The Fellowship Committee is a sub-committee of the Membership Commitee and is an all volunteer group. It works best when each fellowship group is represented. More volunteers are needed to serve on this committee! If you are interested in helping to organize fellowship events by serving on this committee please contact the church office.

The committee sponsors 4 church-wide events each year, organizes 1 or 2 Dinner Groups, and provides lunch or dinner for other church-wide events when asked.

Regular Events:

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Strawberry Luncheon and Ice Cream Social
  • 4th of July Yankee Doodle Picnic
  • Christmas Carol Buffet

Finance Committee

Jim Kneessi, Chair

This Committee consists of 6 members divided into 3 equal classes serving 3 year terms. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. Responsibilities include: Church Investments, Memorials, Endowments, and preparation of Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets.

Membership Committee

Eric Kirschner, Chair

This Committee is composed of 6 members each serving a 3 year term. They meet the first Tuesday of each month. This committee facilitates the receiving of new members into the church and provides for the growth of membership. They also keep an accurate roll of both active and inactive members. Fellowship Committee is a sub-committee of Membership.

Mission Committee

Mike Johnson, Chair

The Mission Committee is composed of six members, each serving a three year term.  The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month.  Mission explores, identifies, and supports outreach activities that proclaim the Gospel.

For a list of Mission projects, see the Serve page.

Nominating Committee

Brian Shaw, Chair

One of the more important committees of the church is the Nominating Committee. The committee consists of nine members, five at-large members from the congregation together with two representatives each from the Session and the Board of Deacons. One of the Session members chairs the committee. Each member serves a one year term.

The group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month or as necessary. Duties consist of selecting candidates to serve three year terms on the various church committees, Session, and Board of Deacons.

The committee is presently seeking the names of individuals from the congregation interested in serving on all committees and boards.

Personnel Committee

Ed Cotter, Chair

Overbrook Church’s Personnel Comittee’s duties include creating the position descriptions for all staff, employment of all non-professional staff, recommending compensation levels for all employees, and annual evaluation of each staff member.

The Personnel budget is created by this committee at Session’s request and for approval of Session and the congregation. Other responsibilites include selection of healthcare providers and monitoring of personnel related expenses, such as travel, healthcaare, materials.

The Personnel Committee is the general sounding board for issues involving employees of the church, and the Committee’s monthly meeting is used to discuss, take action on, approve, or resolve various issues and problems. When circumstances dictate, additional meetings can be called by the Chair. This Committee is dedicated to keeping Overbrook church a safe, harrasment-free workplace, where the playing field is level for all employees.

The strength of this Committee is the careful and open approach it takes to disucssion of the issues on the monthly agenda. This Committee as a group understands that we each bring a different set of life and business experiences and skills, which, when shared, enhance the performance of the Committee as it completes its work.

Properties Committee

Jeff Soderholm, Chair

This Committee consists of 6 members each serving a three year term. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. They are in charge of maintaining all church properties, including the John Beltz Center.

Stewardship Committee

Vicky Kirschner & John Sibley, Co-Chairs

This Committee consists of 6 members each serving a three year term. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. Duties include the annual stewardship drive and other fund raising at the church as well as long range financial planning.

Wellness Committee

Barb Goen, Chair

The focus of the Wellness Committee is concern for the overall health of members of the congregation, ministering to those with health issues, and encouraging development of healthy lifestyles. Specific responsibilities include supporting the parish nursing program, scheduling Sunday morning blood pressure screenings, arranging an annual blood drive, and offering other health-related programs. This committee consists of 6 members, each serving a three-year term. It meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Worship Committee

Tasana Powers, Chair

This Committee consists of 6 members each serving a three year term. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Their duties include: reviewing the order of worship, purchasing supplies and equipment for the Music Ministry, and maintaining a corp of trained liturgists.


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